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J O S S E  D E  M A E S S C H A L C K

Josse De Maesschalck (°1996) is a film -and TV-director, writer and painter. He started his carreer as sound-assistant on the set of Belgian prison-drama 'Gent West' and switched to the assistant-director seat.

As assistant-director and crowd-AD he worked on films and programs like 'wtFOCK', 'Lisa' and 'Professor T UK'. Next to that he directed multiple online commercials and music-videos.

In 2023 his short film 'Passage' about a person with dementia was released and in 2024 he started working as director of the VTM-telenovella 'Milo' and is currently working there.

B O   S E L S

Bo Sels (°1999) is a screenwriter and podcast maker. He graduated in 2022, but already had his fair share of contacts and experience in the audiovisual world with his podcast 'De Videotheek', where he interviews famous actors, directors, screenwriters, comedians,... to talk about their favorite movies.

He graduated with his giallo-short-film 'Armatura Di Catrame', wich was an ode to the Italian horror-slashers from the seventies. He started working as a crowd-AD for many international productions like 'Elixer' and 'Professor T UK'.


In 2023 he wrote a play 'Côté Catastrophe' for De Companie in Battel. In 2024 he co-writed a new comedy series for VTM 'Sterregem' and worked on many projects behind-the-scenes for 'De Scenaristengilde' (the Flemish guild of screenwriters).



With WAANZIN we are searching for unique ways to tell stories, fully cross-medial and always with the the starting intention of 'we haven't seen that before'. Always searching for relevance and urgent stories, we would like to touch the reader, viewer, listener,... and alter their existing read, view or listening experiences. Ever searching to push the boundries of the storytelling world.

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